Consultancy Description



The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) was founded by the HKSAR Government in 2000 with a mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology based industries through applied research. Owing to the continuous expansion in our R&D activities, we are seeking qualified professionals to provide the following consultancy services:

Service Scope

  • Weekly consultancy in the algorithm design, mathematical modeling of machine learning, mobile applications, and performance analysis of system
  • Study and suggest new algorithmic or system enhancement which may lead to patentable results
  • Review general algorithm, design, and architecture for machine learning platform and the modules; suggest potential performance benchmark model and methodology for improvement
  • Consultancy on machine learning, networking, Internet, etc industry direction and academic research scope. Help formulate and focus ASTRI R&D direction


  • Ph.D. degree or above;
  • University professor;
  • 15+ years of active research experience in hitech companies or Internet related research;
  • Strong mathematical modeling and performance analysis capability include Internet content distribution, data-driven modeling and analysis of large scale systems;
  • Good understanding and appreciation of algorithmic level fine tuning versus system-level performance optimization – various tradeoff, parameters, adjustment, and modeling effects etc;
  • Both industry and academic research experience; can understand the requirement, formulate the problem, and propose innovative solutions addressing the problem effectively;
  • Broad knowledge and connection in the community – keep abreast of the state of art of the latest progress, other industry players approache and academic R&D direction.


Cloud-Edge Computing Scope in the project:
  1. Feasibility Study of a Cloud-Edge AI Engine for Smart City Application;
  2. Cloud-Edge AI technology for Smart City Application
  3. Extensible API design supporting external applications and/or modules interfaces


4 months (Part-time mode)


Referral or interested parties are cordially invited to send contact information (quoting Ref. No.) with brief introduction of the consultant to the following email address no later than 18 October 2018. Email: [email protected] Personal data provided will be used for engagement purposes only.