Project Intern

Job Description


Job Responsibilities

Assist in ITF R&D project as assigned, including
  • Develop application software and server software
  • Develop web and mobile phone applications
  • Research in latest blockchain technology and application


  • Graduate with a first-degree or higher degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant faculties, including non-local students, from a local university in Hong Kong.
  • Successfully completed the undergraduate/postgraduate program
  • Knowledge and experience in web and mobile phone development
  • Knowledge in object oriented programming languages including Java, Javascript, C++, and SQL.
  • Knowledge in network protocols and database design.


To apply, please email [email protected] with your resume, you must quote the Job Ref and include the following information:


  1. Name of University
  2. Degree obtained/expecting and when
  3. Have you participated in ITF Project Internship Program before? Yes/No
  4. If you answer Yes in item 3, please state the period
  5. Have you been employed by ASTRI before? If yes, please state the period
  6. Academic referee
  7. Your R&D skills
  8. Your work experience, if applicable


Application Deadline: 11 March 2018


Late applications will not be considered.