Security & Data Sciences

Security & Data Sciences

  • Our Security & Data Sciences (SNDS) Division has the specific mandate to help Hong Kong realise its mission of becoming a premier, global FinTech hub. The Division drives its R&D and innovation through four core competence groups. In addition to partnering with the financial services industry, our SNDS team excels in information security and data analytics, FinTech applications including Blockchain, advanced information systems, consultancy and assessment to various sectors, and nurturing future talents. The team consists of some of the brightest FinTech and data sciences professionals, and acts as a prolific platform for talented practitioners who are committed to boosting Hong Kong’s credentials in data analytics and FinTech, including Blockchain and cybersecurity.


    ASTRI Security Lab (ASL) provides in-depth cyber-threat assessment, consultancy and review, in addition to developing a cybersecurity information sharing platform. The Lab builds up cybersecurity research and training systems, and develops advanced cloud security, encryption and authentication technologies.

    Data Analytics

    We build and optimise big data analytics platforms – striving to support various industries with both generic and domain-specific data analytics technologies. We offer practical and effective support to enterprises catering to their market needs especially in the areas of FinTech and manufacturing intelligence.


    We have the expertise of building Blockchain applications on major platforms like Bitcoin, Monax, Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger. In addition, we seek to enhance the Blockchain consensus algorithm and network security.

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