Advanced Digital Systems

Advanced Digital Systems

  • Advanced Digital Systems Technology Division boasts its core competence in state-of-the-art System on Chip (SoC) design services, from advanced algorithm research to IC specification, implementation, and testing. It is committed to creating value creation through active engagement with industry partners, by channeling advanced results from in-house and local university research to commercialisation through IC realisation and customisation. The Division offers commercially competitive IPs and total turn-key IC solutions to customers.

    ICDD’s research focuses on a number of key technology initiatives including IoT Communication IC, Hardware Oriented, Secure Data Storage Platform, 3D and Video Super-resolution and SoC Design Services. ICDD has four core competence groups, and together they offer the end-to-end system solutions.


    Focuses on developing SSD Controllers for next generation mass storage and secured data storage applications.


    Focuses on developing of novel techniques to improve people’s visual experience in display applications.


    Focuses on developing applications for secure IoT devices such as smart home / building / lighting.

    ASIC Implementation

    Focuses on turning IC and system product ideas into real products.

    Project Highlights