Yu Tao, Director, TAIT

Yu Tao, Director, TAIT

Yu Tao, Director, TAIT

Yu Tao is the Director of Big Data Analytics at ASTRI. She leads the data analytics team in the technology division of Cybersecurity, Cryptography and Trusted Technologies (CCT), providing big data and AI solutions for different domains. The team is serving various customers including government departments, banks, investment companies, digital market providers, and manufacturers, etc.

As long as you have passion on it, don’t hesitate to have a try. Tech is a great way to make your ideas happen and it is not that complicated!

Q. How did you join ASTRI?

I came to Hong Kong for family reasons. Before coming here, I was working in research labs of big MNC companies which have quite similar working nature as ASTRI. I love applied research which gives me the opportunity to explore new technologies. Also, using these technologies to help companies solve business problems and pain points makes me feel very accomplished.

Q. What does being a woman in tech today mean to you?

I think currently more and more women are stepping into this field. In ASTRI, there are quite a lot of female engineers as well. I always believe that gender doesn’t influence the ability, no matter in which field. Women in tech is the same as women in other fields. We choose tech because we like it.

Q. What do you have to say to young girls who want to pursue a career in I&T?

As long as you have passion on it, don’t hesitate to have a try. There are so many interesting things and opportunities in the I&T field. Tech is a great way to make your ideas happen and it is not that complicated! Keep your mind open and try your best.

Q. What is your biggest achievement to date?

I consider the biggest achievement in recent few years is forming the habit of running. I was a lazy person who always stay awake to midnight and seldom go to GYM. I started running with my family around two years ago, though slow and tired at the beginning. I never thought that I could keep running for more than two years, from 1km to 10km, and now, I can keep it three times a week. Running is the best time for me to think and relax. I always feel happy after the run.

Q. What are your favourite pastimes outside of work?

Before COVID 19, it was travelling. I love to go to different places to see the natural scene of mountain or sea, to enjoy the city view of different cultures, with my families and friends.

Currently, I would say Hiking and Cooking are my favorite pastimes outside of work. Luckily Hong Kong has lots of hiking trails with nice views even wild animals I can enjoy.

Cooking is another way to let me relax. Mixing different food and condiments, at different temperatures can produce different flavors. Just like an artwork.

Q. If you weren’t a researcher, what would you be right now?

If I am not a researcher, I may choose to be a consultant, like technical consultant. To help companies to solve business problems, in a more business-oriented way.


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