Cheng Yuxie, Senior Engineer, ICS

Cheng Yuxie, Senior Engineer, ICS

Cheng Yuxie, Senior Engineer, ICS

Cheng Yuxie works as a power electrical engineer in the 3D Integration team under the Integrated Circuits and Systems division, which focuses on the research and design of power modules using the 3rd generation semiconductors. She officially joined the team as an electrical design engineer after her internship at ASTRI.

I believe ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ by Steve Jobs is really applicable to everyone in the tech industry.

Q. How did you join ASTRI?

My major responsibility in this team involves designing and conducting the tests for the power module products from both electrical and reliability perspectives. I will participate in the products development which allows me to understand the product design in-depth as well as propose constructive suggestions for the feasibility of the future testing plan.

Q. What do you have to say to young girls who want to pursue a career in I&T?

Professional skills or knowledge are indeed crucial but a good relationship among colleagues is always important in the workplace. We as an engineer may get ourselves into a situation where interact with machines more often than communicating with people. Remember to talk to others during your free time and you may learn a lot from your fellows.

Q. How to stay relevant in the tech industry?

I believe ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ by Steve Jobs is really applicable to everyone in the tech industry.
It is necessary to recognize your strengths. Then enhance relevant knowledge and skills based on your enthusiasm.

Q. What are your favourite pastimes outside of work?

Cleaning and sorting stuff out. I feel satisfied when my rooms become nice and tidy from clutter. And of course, I love shopping as my outdoor activity.

Q. If you weren’t a researcher, what would you be right now?

I haven’t thought about this question in particular. Though I have the passion to be a blogger, but it gives me an instant blow after realising I have no experience in filming and video edition.


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