Cervical Cancer
Management System

Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women. While advances are being made in cancer treatment worldwide, it must be supported by technologies to aid better detection. With that in mind, ASTRI developed its Cervical Cancer Screening Management System (CCSMS).

An effective and scalable computer-aided diagnostic platform, the CCSMS is designed to diagnose cervical abnormalities. ASTRI took into account the fact that 80% of medical data are images, the volume of which increases more than 20% annually.

Improve Cervical Cancer Screening Efficiency
Advanced Image Processing + Deep Learning
Better diagnostic speed at lower costs

Higher Accuracy

(Patent: US10354122B1, granted on 16 July 2019)

Higher Diagnostic Efficiency

Image segmented,
purified & gridded
Areas of interest
unified & labeled
Image rearranged & compressed
Accelerates deep learning diagnosis

(Patent No.: US10586336, granted on 10 March 2020)

Abnormal cervical cell types identified

The CCSMS works by enabling medical professionals to make use of these piles of data by helping them view and analyse medical images from different vendors and formats. Besides aiding detection, the CCSMS provides diagnosis recommendations and allows for remote diagnosis.

The intelligent image analytics platform significantly increases the efficiency of medical services, and – with increased accuracy of up to 90% – saves lives. Better yet, it can be adapted to diagnose other forms of cancer such as in the stomach, which are often difficult to detect while at the first stage.

This system is also more cost effective. It is currently commercialised through one of the largest diagnostic service providers in mainland China, with the potential for wider application in Hong Kong and more.

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