ASTRI – A prime mover of global technology

For over two decades, ASTRI has been an integral part of the world's technology ecosystem, and lauded globally with numerous patents and awards.

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A Message From Our Leaders

ASTRI's leaders dream of scaling new heights, and of taking Hong Kong to the next level as a global smart city.

Leaders' Message

20 Years of Milestones

ASTRI has reaped numerous milestones over the past two decades, cementing its position as one of the world's top science and technology brain trusts.


Smart City

ASTRI is always looking to what a smart city holds for us. It is constantly exploring ways research and technology can drive change to improve lives and anticipate needs.
5G Empowering Smart City

No metropolis can call itself modern unless it has seamless connectivity and blazing-fast, high-capacity internet bandwidth. Here’s how ASTRI is using 5G as an enabler to Hong Kong’s leap into the future.

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ASTRI Technovation Centre

It’s one thing to talk about a theory, quite another to prove it. ASTRI Technovation Centre (ATC) is the showroom where dreams of the future are turned into reality today. ATC exhibits the latest technologies and numerous innovative R&D projects, promoting the development of a smarter city and a better future for us all.

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Inspiring Innovation

What makes the work ASTRI does so important? Here, we explain what drives ASTRI and how innovation and technology developed at the company gives Hong Kong the cutting edge it needs to become a smart city.

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ASTRI has long recognised there is no end to learning in the pursuit of innovation and technological excellence. In that, there are times expertise can be better attained by looking beyond just ASTRI’s own capabilities in order to work with the best in Hong Kong and abroad.

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Societal impact

With 20 years of service and innovation, ASTRI’s achievements in applied research and strategic partnerships have had immense impact seen throughout Hong Kong and recognised around the globe.

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FinTech is all around us, propelling business and financial services forward. As one of five key areas of focus, ASTRI is committed to developing FinTech, making it faster, better and safer.

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