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Communications Technologies Group

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The Communications Technologies (CT) Group was established in 2005. CT strives to develop competitive and world-class communications and networking solutions and IPs for the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. Its mission is to deliver advanced technologies and systems to enable ubiquitous access to services and application offered by the latest ICT innovations. CT’s core technological competencies comprise the following three key technology areas:

The Communications Technologies Group also actively leverages, through collaboration with industry, government organizations, universities and research institutes for commercialization. It has continued to build and expand IP portfolio from core technologies to engineering systems to enable different applications for enhancing value creation.

Following the success of commercialization through collaborations with our business partners, CT will continue its R&D endeavours in areas from key components, such as LTE and LTE-Advanced Baseband, RFIC, LTE Core Network Software Platform, and Antenna designs, to system solutions, such as Broadband Wireless for Ubiquitous Access – LTE, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Broadband Cable for Communication Convergence.

Research Focuses

In the past few years, CT has achieved significant progress in innovating and disseminating technologies as well as cultivating talent for Hong Kong. Moving forward, CT will further its efforts to provide efficient solutions by leveraging its core competence in the key technology areas including Communications Software, Baseband Solutions and RF Systems with specific research focuses tabulated below.

Key technology areas Research focuses
Communications Software
  • LTE EPCand Networking Software
  • Network Management
  • Internet-of-Things (loT) Gateway, Management and Application
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Small Cell Gateway
  • WiFi/4G Convergence Gateway
  • Security Gateway
  • FastGate Multi-Core Networking Stack
  • LTE Small Cell HeMS
  • IP Backbone NMS
  • loT Gateway and Management Platform
  • Solar Street Light and Green Energy Device Management System
Baseband Solutions
  • 4G LTE
  • Broadband Access Technologies
  • TDD/FDD LTE and LTE Advance Small Cell Baseband
  • TDD/FDD LTE UE Baseband
  • Broadband Cable Technology Platform
RF Systems
  • RF Systems and Applications
  • RF Transceiver
  • TDD/FDD LTE RF Transceiver
  • Transceivers for Cable and Wireless
  • Digital-RF, Repeater
  • Active Antenna Systems