Corporate image photo: Broadcasting - Mobile Digital TV (CMMB, DVB-T/H, T-DMB) & DTMB
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Broadcasting - Mobile Digital TV (CMMB, DVB-T/H, T-DMB) & DTMB

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On digital broadcast, the MBC Joint Lab facilitated development and enhancement of DTMB (Chinese compulsory terrestrial digital TV standard) in Hong Kong and the Mainland when the industrial value chain was immature.

Offering DTMB technologies to leading test equipment companies in Hong Kong and the Mainland and providing technical consultations to broadcasters and government agencies contributed to the success of DTMB deployment in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Currently, the DTMB market is taking off on the Mainland and expanding to the rest of the world. The MBC Joint Lab will continue to be a key leader and contributor in this field.

CT's focus in mobile TV is to provide core chip designs for multimode devices, especially CMMB (Mainland), DVB-H (Europe), and T-DMB (Korea, Europe). The multimode baseband chip, using in-house reconfigurable OFDM Core, requires only a small increase, approximately 10 per cent, in size and power consumption when compared to a single mode chip. A multimode mobile TV RFIC tuner has been developed and licensed to a top semiconductor company on the Mainland.

ASTRI's programmes include:

 Download white paper "Technology and Standards of Digital Television Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting" reprinted from IEEE Communications Magazine.