Corporate image photo: ASTRI engineer wins award on li-on battery research
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ASTRI engineer wins award on li-on battery research

More than a hundred young engineers participated in the 2011 International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (ICCCE 2011) held in Chengdu, China on July 29 to 31, among them was Mr Jiang Yingkai from ASTRI. He won an Excellent Paper Award by making a presentation on the topic Advanced Anode Materials for Lithium ion (li-ion) Batteries.

Metal-based li-ion battery is one of the research initiatives undertaken by the Material and Packaging Technology Group of ASTRI. Comparing with traditional lead batteries, li-ion batteries are toxic free, thus they are much more environmentally friendly. They also offer longer battery life in terms of the number of rechargeable times available.

“It is not only presentation skills that counts, people in general are attracted by the innovativeness of the technology and its prospective business values,”said Yingkai. “I feel excited to be able to share with other participants about our work. Li-ion battery is a green product. I enjoy taking part in this interesting and meaningful project,” he added.

The aim of the ICCCE conference series is to provide a forum for exchange between participants from different background and foster cross-pollination between different research fields on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. There was only one Excellent Award given in each oral session. There were 42 presentations in the oral session Yingkai participated and he won the award.
 Mr Jiang Yingkai (middle left) receiving his award certificate from the organiser