Corporate image photo: Prize for ASTRI's tire pressure monitoring system
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Prize for ASTRI's tire pressure monitoring system

ASTRI was one of the biggest winners in the 12th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology and High Density Packaging (ICEPT-HDP) 2011 held in Shanghai from 8 to 11 August. ASTRI partnering with Guangdong Yuejing High Technology Company won an Outstanding Paper Award with the paper entitled, “Challenges in Developing Cost-effective System-in-Package for Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)". More than 400 entries competed for the award in the ICEPT-HDP, the biggest international conference of its kind on the Mainland. 

Mr Ivan Sham, Manager, MPT Group of ASTRI, he is also leader of the TPMS project as well as co-author of the paper said, “It was the novel technology itself that gained the greatest attention and played a major role in helping us gain the award. It was not surprising to see our technology outshines given its high standard, usability and great market significance.”

The TPMS solution developed by ASTRI features compact size, low weight and long service life. It can also adopt an energy-harvesting based batteryless solution. Its unique features plus low manufacturing cost have made it possible for small manufacturers to enter the market and compete with international suppliers.

It is becoming a global trend that motor vehicles are required by law to install TPMS solution to promote road safety. TPMS is anticipated to have enormous market potentials in the next few years. ASTRI has been working closely with industry partners to tailor solutions for different applications and bring them to the market. ASTRI has so far filed 12 patent applications for its TPMS with 4 patents already granted.

 TPMS project leader Dr Ivan Sham (middle) with partners on the award presentation ceremony