Corporate image photo: ASTRI Seminars (June-July 2011)
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ASTRI Seminars (June-July 2011)

ASTRI holds seminars to introduce its latest technologies to customers and broaden the technological horizon of our colleagues.

Dr Huo Yan and Mr Anthony Lai
 Dr Huo Yan (top), Principal Engineer, ECE Group, ASTRI, and Mr Anthony Lai (bottom), CEO of 3D Pro Limited, delivered presentations entitled “Research and Development in 2D-to-3D Conversion” and “Technology and Future of Glasses-free 3D Display” respectively on 24 June.
Dr Carrie Ling Hang-yin of Stanford University
 Dr Carrie Ling Hang-yin, Soft Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Division of Biomechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA delivered a presentation on “Optical Coherence Tomography in Early Diagnosis of Osteoarthritis” on 12 July. She also shared her research experience at Stanford University with the audience.