Corporate image photo: APTC organises advanced packaging workshop
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APTC organises advanced packaging workshop

Advanced Packaging Technologies Consortium (APTC) hosted by MPT Group recently organised a workshop on the topic Design Consideration and Failure Analysis for Advanced IC Packaging.

The workshop was held on June 27 in Shenzhen with an objective to provide attendees with information about the latest development in advanced IC packaging technology. The workshop featured three presentations by guest speakers including Dr Bill Chen from Tsinghua University who presented on the topic Design and Modelling for Multi-Ghz Serial-link Channels; Dr Tee Tong-yan from Nepes, Singapore who talked about Advanced Design Analysis of Wafer Level Packages; and Mr Xue Ming from Infineon, Singapore who delivered a presentation on Advanced IC Packaging Failure Analysis.

Over 60 people attended the workshop.
 A full house audience attending the workshop