Corporate image photo: Legislative Councillors visit ASTRI
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Legislative Councillors visit ASTRI

A seven-member delegation from the Hong Kong Legislative Council visited ASTRI on July 7 to gain an understanding of the technological achievements of ASTRI. CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan together with senior management of ASTRI, welcomed the councillors and introduced to them the latest development of ASTRI.

Live demonstrations of ASTRI’s various advanced technologies were arranged for the visitors with focuses on their propensity for commercialization and applications in daily lives. Technologies  shown included LED streetlamps which were already deployed in several Mainland cities; the second generation e-reader "PAL" ready for mass production; compact anti-shaking camera modules licensed to a cell phone manufacturer and the telehealth platform which can be used by community nurses while making home visits.

 Dr Cheung (first from left) introduces the latest technologies of ASTRI to the Legislative Councillors
 Mr Wong Ting-kwong (fourth from left), Chairman of Panel on Commerce and Industry, Mr Vincent Fang (fourth from right), Deputy Chairman of Panel on Commerce and Industry, and other Legislative Councillors including Ms Emily Lau (sixth from right), Mr James To (fifth from right), Mr Ip Wai-ming (third from left), Dr Hon Pan Pey-chyou (sixth from left) and Ms Audrey Eu (third from right) are greeted by CEO Dr Cheung (second from left), Miss Janet Wong (second from right), Commissioner for Innovation and Technology, and representatives from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation