Corporate image photo: Forging closer collaboration with Fujian Government and industry
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Forging closer collaboration with Fujian Government and industry

ASTRI has always been dedicated to extend our services and build closer ties with Government, enterprises, academia and research counterparts on the Mainland. In March, ASTRI signed several important projects with Fujian Provincial Government and enterprises to jointly develop new technologies in optical touch, e-learning, MIMO Wifi Antenna, digital interphone SoC and medical electronics. The projects were signed during a series of events hosted by Fujian Provincial Government in Hong Kong.
At the Fujian-Hong Kong Cooperation and Development Conference held in Hong Kong on March 29, several agreements and letters of intent were signed between ASTRI and the Fujian parties.
 Fujian-Hong Kong Cooperation and Development Conference was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

 Top picture: CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan (left) signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Vice Director General Cao Jianlin, Fujian Province Economic and Trade Commission at the Conference
 Middle picture: CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan (second from left) shakes hands with Director Li Minrong (second from right), Fujian Development Research Centre after signing the Letter of Intent
 Bottom picture: Dr Henry Ye (third from right), Acting VPGD of CT Group, ASTRI and Deputy Director-General Du Min (third from left), Fujian Department of Science & Technology, take a group photo after signing two Memoranda of Understanding

 Dr Wu Enboa, VPGD, MPT Group, ATSRI delivering a speech at the “Fujian-Hong Kong Cooperation and Development Forum”
On March 30, a sixty-member delegation of Fujian government officials and enterprises came to ASTRI to participate in the “Fujian-Hong Kong Cooperation and Exchange Forum”.  Signing ceremonies were staged to conclude four letters of intent and agreements between ASTRI and the Fujian parties. Business meetings were held after the ceremony to explore further collaboration between different parties.

 Top picture: CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan (left) shakes hands with Vice Director Cao Rong, Haixi Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Science after signing a Letter of Intent
 Second picture: Dr Wu Enboa, VPGD, MPT Group, ASTRI (left, sitting) signs a Letter of Intent with Chairlady You Yuxian, Fujian Hongbo Opto-Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. 
 Third picture: Dr Wu Enboa, VPGD, MPT Group, ASTRI (left, sitting) signing an Evaluation License Agreement with Chairman Shao Yuming, Zhangzhou HengLi Electronic Co. Ltd.
 Bottom picture: Mr Albert Lau, Director, ECE Group, ASTRI (left, standing) shakes hands with Chairlady You Lijuan, Fujian Hongbo Printing Corporation after signing the Letter of Intent

The series of exchange activities between ASTRI and the Fujian parties were successfully concluded with Fujian Party Secretary Sun Chunlan, taking time out of her busy schedule in Hong Kong to lead a delegation of provincial government, municipal government and enterprises to visit ASTRI on March 30. CEO and the senior management warmly received the delegation.

 Fujian Party Secretary Sun Chunlan (centre) and her delegation tour ASTRI's laboratory, they are accompanied by CEO Dr Cheung (right) and Dr Wu Enboa (left), VPGD, MPT Group