Corporate image photo: CEO attends China IT Leader Summit
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CEO attends China IT Leader Summit

The 2011 China (Shenzhen) IT Leader Summit, jointly organized by Shenzhen Municipal Government and e-China Alliances was held on 28 March 2011 in Shenzhen. The theme of the summit this year is “New IT mission: transformation and development.”

ASTRI’s Chief Executive Officer Dr Cheung Nim-kwan was invited to be panelist for one of the forums entitled “Mobile Internet and 4G Era”. During the forum, Dr Cheung shared with the audience ASTRI’s experience and success in developing LTE technology. Other panelists chairing the forum with Dr Cheung were business leaders from renowned Mainland enterprises including ZTE, China ACG Group, Dianji, DangDang and Technicolor.
The China IT Leader Summit is a signature event held every year in the industry. Those invited to attend the summit are heavyweights in the industry. This year over 80 leaders joined the summit, among them were influential business leaders and high level government officials.
The summit has been hailed high by the industry as influential in leading the IT industry to transform and further develop and it is also believed that it plays a key role in promoting the IT industry to move towards high-end, conglomerate and value-chain direction.

 IT leaders gathered for a group photo before the opening of the summit
 Dr Cheung (right) speaking at the forum