Corporate image photo: Customer wins CES innovations award with ASTRI’s technologies
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Customer wins CES innovations award with ASTRI’s technologies

During the 2011 International CES held in Las Vegas this January, ASTRI’s customer Li-Creative Technologies, Inc (LcT) won the Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Showcase Award (Audio Accessories) with an advanced conference phone it jointly developed with ASTRI’s ECE Group.

CES is the largest consumer technology trade show in the industry. It recognizes the most innovative consumer electronic products in the industry’s hottest product categories with the CES innovations awards every year.

This award-winning product named VoiceFocus Conference Phone is a high quality, low-cost conference phone with many powerful features: USB connection for PC Skype/MSN, Bluetooth conference phone call, PSTN connection, multi-speaker, multi-microphone, music playback, etc. 
Dr James Lei, Program Director, Digital Home Technologies of ECE Group led his R&D team in completing the whole system design, including the hardware PCB design, system firmware and application software supporting all these advanced features.

The phone has also incorporated LcT’s technology to provide eight-sensor microphone array and cutting edge digital signal processing features such as adaptive beam forming, advanced noise reduction and adaptive echo cancellation. These new technologies enable superior voice quality for teleconferences even when talkers are far from the phone.

Based in New Jersey, the USA, LcT is an expert in voice /audio processing with their leading noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, and microphone array algorithms and technologies for high-quality conference phone products. Please click here for a product demo

 The award-winning VoiceFocus conference phone and the CES trophy