Corporate image photo: ASTRI Seminars (January – March 2011)
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ASTRI Seminars (January – March 2011)

ASTRI holds seminars to introduce its latest technologies to customers and broaden the technological horizon of our colleagues.

Dr Wu Tai-pang

Dr Wu Tai-pang, Senior Researcher, Enterprise and Consumer Electronics Group of ASTRI delivered a presentation entitled “Smart Surveillance System - the synergy of video summarization, detection and retrieval” on 28 January.
Dr Li Yun-long
Mr David Kwong (left), Vice President and R&D Director of IC Design Group of ASTRI presented a souvenir to Dr Li Yun-long, Senior Engineer of Portable and Mixed-Signal Design in appreciation of his presentation of “Integrated LED Driver for Pico Projector” on 25 February.
Dr Derek Cheung

Dr Derek Cheung, Senior Advisor of ASTRI, delivered a special talk entitled “Some thoughts on Innovation” on 3 March and shared his thoughts on how ASTRI's colleagues could apply innovation to research work.
Dr Tang Cheuk-ying

Dr Tang Cheuk-ying, Director of NeuroVascular Imaging Research and Director of Preclinical Imaging in the Mount Sinai Translational and Molecular Imaging Institute, gave a talk on “Of Mice and Men - Translational and Molecular Imaging Research”. Dr Tang also shared his invaluable experience in MRI research in New York.

Dr Cy C. Chen

Dr Cy C. Chen (right), Certified MA TRIZ L3 Professional delivered a presentation on “Systematic Innovation—An Introduction to Theory for Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)” on 11 March. Dr Enboa Wu, Vice President and Group Director of Material and Packaging Technologies Group, ASTRI presented a souvenir to him.

Dr Tang I-sheng

Dr Tang I-sheng, Director of Enterprise and Consumer Electronics Group, ASTRI gave an Opening Remark on behalf of ASTRI’s Digital Living Consortium – Working Group on Android Application at a seminar “Accelerating Android Platform Development: from Chips to System to Applications” on 23 March. Experts from the Global Unichip Corp shared their experience in the Android Platform.

Dr Ivan Sham

Dr Ivan Sham, Manager of Material and Packaging Technologies Group, ASTRI delivered a presentation entitled “Total solution of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): from electronic packaging to system-level product implementation” on 25 March.