Corporate image photo: ASTRI sponsors Joint School Science Exhibition to support student scientists
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ASTRI sponsors Joint School Science Exhibition to support student scientists

The 43rd Joint School Science Exhibition (JSSE) which aims to arouse public interest in science and encourage youth creativity and innovation was held on August 27-31 at the Hong Kong Central Library. ASTRI has been keen to encourage young scientists to unleash their potentials by being the gold sponsor of JSSE for the second year.

Bearing the theme “Science without Bounds, Safety on all Grounds”, JSSE 2010 addressed the issues of industrial safety, domestic safety and road safety. Students were encouraged to utilize their creativity and apply their knowledge in science to design safety devices to help reduce the chances of accidents. The ultimate purpose was to promote public awareness of the importance of maintaining safety in everyday life.

22 secondary schools together with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and 3 overseas universities from Taiwan, Singapore and the US took part in the exhibition. Out of all the creative entries, Belilios Public School was elected winner of "ASTRI Innovation Award" as well as the Overall Award with their invention “Smart Plug”.

"Smart Plug" incorporates a safety feature into ordinary extension unit. It employs the principles of electromagnet and includes a special rod with an “L-shape” stainless steel being attached. It can prevent overloading by blocking individual switches of sockets. This innovative device can overcome the shortcoming of existing fuses and enhance the convenience and safety of extension unit.
CEO Dr Cheung Nim-kwan (second from left) and Mrs Law Fan Chiu-fun (first from left), Honorary Patron of the 43rd Joint School Science Exhibition talk to the students during their exhibition tour
Dr Cheung (first from right) presents "ASTRI Innovation Award" to the winning team- Belilio Public School
The winning team presents their project "Smart Plug" to Dr Cheung and Miss Janet Wong (second from right), Commissioner for Innovation and Technology
The Officiating guests take group photo with the winning team