Corporate image photo: ASTRI Seminars (May-July)
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ASTRI Seminars (May-July)

ASTRI holds seminars to introduce its latest technologies to customers and broaden the technological horizon of our colleagues.
Speakers from Communications Technologies Group
(From the top) Dr Elva Wang Cheng, Dr Zhou Yi-qing and Dr Brandon Pang Di from the Communications Technologies Group of ASTRI gave presentation on “4G Wireless Technology and Trends” on 28 May.
Guest speaker from UCLA, Professor Frank Chang Mau-chung
Professor Frank Chang Mau-chung, Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles was invited to deliver a presentation on “Millimeter-wave to Terahertz Circuit/System Development based on Deep-Scaled CMOS” on 3 June.
Guest speaker from Queen's University, Associate Professor Scott Yam 
Associate Professor Scott Yam, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Queen's University, Canada was invited to host seminars and a short course on optical fiber transmission, fiber sensor and MLSE detection from 8 to 10 June.
Guest speaker from Stanford University, Assistant Professor Ada Poon 
Assistant Professor Ada Poon (centre), Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University was invited to deliver a presentation entitled “From Information Theory to Medical Electronics” on 9 June.
Dr James Lei Zhibin 
ASTRI’s Dr James Lei Zhibin, Program Director, Digital Home Technology, Enterprise & Consumer Electronics Group presented on “The Billion Users’ Internet TV” on 25 June.
Guest speaker from CUHK, Professor Aaron H.P. Ho 
Professor Aaron H.P. Ho (second from right), Department of Electronic Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong was invited to deliver a presentation on “Surface Plasmon Resonance Photonic Biosensors” on 8 July.
Guest speaker from IBM Research, Dr Chen Dong  
Dr Chen Dong (right) from IBM Research was invited to deliver a presentation on “Overview of the Blue Gene Supercomputers” on 23 July.