Corporate image photo: ASTRI Seminars
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ASTRI Seminars

ASTRI holds seminars to introduce its latest technologies to customers and broaden the technological horizon of our colleagues.
Dr Cheng Kwok-sing

 ASTRI’s Dr Cheng Kwok-sing, Manager, Photonic Components, Material and Packaging Technologies Group, presented on “The Next Step in Compact Camera Revolution: Chip Scale Camera Module” on 26 March.

Professor Izhak Rubin, Guest speaker from UCLA

 Professor Izhak Rubin, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering Department, University of California, Los Angeles, was invited to deliver a presentation on “Networking Across Mobile Wireless Networks” on 30 March. Professor Rubin is also an IEEE Life Fellow.

Miss Alice Chow

 ASTRI’s Miss Alice Chow (centre), Senior Engineer, Bio-medical Electronics Team, presented on “Medical Treatment Programmes and Devices for Brain Development Defects” on 13 May.

IP Department

 Dr Sum Kam Chung (standing), Ms Flora Ho, Dr Ye Zhipin and Mr Frank Mak of ASTRI’s IP Department held a seminar on “Basic IP Training” for the colleagues on 14 May.