Corporate image photo: Visitors from Hong Kong and overseas at a glance
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Visitors from Hong Kong and overseas at a glance

ASTRI has continued to receive and welcome visitors from all over the world to strengthen the network with governments, industries and academia.


Institute of Industry Technology, Guangzhou


 Mr Zhao Nan-xian, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou (first from right) led a delegation from Institute of Industry Technology, Guangzhou to visit ASTRI on 4 September. During the visit, they discuss with the management the possibility of organising a Technology Summit between Hong Kong, the Mainland and Taiwan.

Zhongshan Municipal Government 

 A 54-member delegation from Zhongshan led by Deputy Secretary of Zhongshan Municipal Government Mr Peng Jian-wen (second row, middle) visited ASTRI on 15 September.

Department of Information Industry, Guangdong 

 Mr Lu Jian-sheng, Vice Director, Department of Information Industry of Guangdong province (fourth from left), led a delegation to visit ASTRI on 14 October to explore the possibility of collaboration.

Pooi To Middle School 

 Pooi To Middle School, the winning team of ASTRI Innovation Award of the 42nd Joint School Science Exhibition, visited ASTRI on 23 October. The students experienced the latest innovation during the lab tour and showed enthusiasm on technology research as a career.

California State University 

 The EMBA students from California State University visited ASTRI on 29 October. The 30-member academic study tour came with an objective to understand the linkage between innovation technology and business opportunities.

Innovation Festival Exchange Program Students 

 A 30-member Hong Kong and Shenzhen student delegation of the Exchange Program under the Innovation Festival 2009 visited ASTRI on 6 November to gain a better understanding of technology development in Hong Kong.

Huawei Technologies Company Limited 

 Mr Lin Hai-bo, Head of Corporation, Huawei Technologies, and experts of the company visited ASTRI on 10 November to explore collaboration opportunity after attending ASTRI's Industry and University Consultation Forum in Shenzhen.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation 

 A 30-member delegation from China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation visited ASTRI on 19 November to gain a better understanding of ASTRI's latest development.