Corporate image photo: CTO’s paper on RFID published in IEEE Communications Magazine
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CTO’s paper on RFID published in IEEE Communications Magazine

The research paper entitled “A Critical Survey and Analysis of RFID Anti-collision Mechanisms” co-authored by CTO Professor Peter Yum was published in the May 2011 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine, one of the most-cited journals in the field of telecommunications. This is the third paper discussing RFID Anti-collision Systems with the contribution of Prof. Yum published by an international academic journal within eight months.

The anti-collision mechanism is an important part of RFID systems. Many algorithms were proposed in the literature, but most of them were designed based on the theory of Random Access (RA) systems. In the article co-written by Dr Zhu Lei and Prof. Yum, various types of anti-collision systems and their corresponding algorithms were reviewed. By comparing the different working mechanisms of RA and RFID systems, the authors suggested that a new theory was needed for the design and analysis of RFID anti-collision algorithm.

This paper and the other two related articles, which were published earlier on in IEEE Transactions on Communications, together established Dr Zhu and Prof. Yum as experts in the field. The research papers are accessible here.