Corporate image photo: Phone cameras with ASTRI’s compact modules to hit market
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Phone cameras with ASTRI’s compact modules to hit market

A special press briefing and demonstration session was held at ASTRI’s headquarters on 13 January to update the press members about the development of ASTRI’s world leading compact camera technologies, which are on the way to commercialization.

Focusing on the auto-focus and anti-shaking modules, the briefing was hosted by Dr Wu Enboa, Vice President and Group Director of the MPT Group, and was joined by Dr S.K. Lam, CEO of AP Photonics Limited, a Hong Kong based technology company to which ASTRI’s technologies related to the compact anti-shaking camera module have been licensed.
 Dr Wu (left) and Dr Lam showing the compact camera modules
Agreements between AP Photonics and major international mobile phone brands in wielding the anti-shaking module in the new generation of camera phones are either being signed or under negotiation. It is expected that camera phones powered by ASTRI’s technologies will be dazzling consumers in the global market in the first quarter of 2012.
Meanwhile, ASTRI researchers have also got its world’s smallest auto-focus camera module ready for the mass market of camera phones. Sized at 6.8 mm x 6.8mmx 5.6mm and embedded with optical auto-focus functionality, the module enables users to capture high quality images throughout video calls.

 Dr Cheng Kwok-sing, Senior Manager of MPT, explains to the press members how the auto-focus module works