Corporate image photo: ASTRI's latest technologies in the spotlight at CES
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ASTRI's latest technologies in the spotlight at CES

Two recent technology breakthroughs of ASTRI caught a lot of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2010 held in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January.

ASTRI's high resolution pico-projector

  ASTRI's high resolution pico-projector

A prototype 1024x600 pixel pico-projector developed by ASTRI together with Syndiant, a global leader in high-resolution micro-displays for pico-projectors, and Foryou Multimedia Electronics was displayed in Foryou's booth. Employing the first wide SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) micro-display in the world, ASTRI's solution has allowed the partners to produce pocket-sized devices with high resolution and exceptional colour quality which are ideal for LED illuminated accessory pico-projector applications such as laptops and netbooks.

Furthermore, a prototype of ASTRI's dual-screen eBook reader jointly developed with Marvell Technology was also featured in the booth of the partner. The eBook is specially designed for content sharing and interactive learning anytime, anywhere. Marvell is tapping into the children's education market with this novel device. See also live video reporting at the booth by Laptop Magazine and Engadget.

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